April 18, 2022

2020 Book Award

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 CAAC Book Award!

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 CAAC Book Award, an achievement award recognizing a student who embodies the principles of Columbia University. Since 2017, CAAC has awarded the book award to students whose approach to learning reflects the principals highlighted in Columbia University’s Core Curriculum, the cornerstone of Columbia University’s undergraduate education. The goal of the Core Curriculum: observation, analysis, imaginative comparison, rational argument, and respect for others' ideas, nuances and differences.

This year's recipients received The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution, by Eric Foner, former Pulitzer Prize winner, and DeWitt Clinton Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia University.

If you are interested in having your school participate in the next CAAC Book Award, please email caacbookaward@gmail.com.

Congratulations to the following outstanding scholars nominated by their high schools to receive the 2020 CAAC Book Award:


Jordan MontgomeryCharlotte Christian School         

Jordan Montgomery is a conscientious and curious learner who consistently challenges herself to achieve in our most difficult courses. Outside of the classroom, Jordan is a member of our varsity basketball team. When a teammate was diagnosed with leukemia, Jordan responded by organizing bracelets for our entire school with a message of support for her. Jordan enjoys being in a leadership role and shows great potential in this area. Charlotte Christian School is pleased to recognize Jordan with this award.             


Tara HintonNC School of Science and Mathematics

Tara’s academic interests and intellectual passions lie in exploring and expressing the beauty she sees in the world through language, scientific study, art, music, and mathematics. As a student fascinated by literature and the humanities, she enjoys expressing this passion for the world though writing and uses this love of writing to advocate for social issues as a member of UNICEF and has published an article in my town’s newspaper advocating for changing the name and celebration of Columbus Day to honor indigenous peoples. She is an active editor and contributor to Blue Mirror and have also had two visual arts pieces published. Visual arts provides another outlet for her to express her curiosities, and the paintings she creates are embedded with her observations and philosophical questions about the world.  Tara has also been taking piano lessons outside of school for eight years and enjoys playing the piano and developing her ability to communicate with others through composition and improvisation.


Haleigh Anne GartnerSouth Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics

Haleigh is one of a few students at the SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) with all As. She is also enrolled in many of the advanced classes we offer to juniors. Haleigh is an integral part of the GSSM community and is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She was one of the leaders in forming our first JV Volleyball team despite having little to no experience with the sport.


Riya Gajendra KabraRaleigh Charter High School       

Riya is an excellent leader in her classes as well as taking on a real leadership role on our school's Honor Council. Her teachers say she brings positive energy to all her classes and any activity in which she participates. She has a willingness to learn and her Science Olympiad sponsor says she really stepped up to the task and was beyond impressive. She started and led a Girls Who Code club. She even started the same club in India when she visited her family there last summer. She is a most impressive young woman.                                 


Zoe Dianne GandisChrist Church Episcopal School

Zoe is one of our most respected scholars. She accepts academic challenges across disciplines and possess an unswerving work ethic. Zoe is curious and open to new ideas. She does not settle for mediocrity and revels in questioning and discovering. She is a leader on campus and engages fully in an array of extracurricular activities.


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