Free Webinar: ROI of Social Media

How does competitive intelligence improve digital marketing?

Are your website and other digital marketing initiatives REALLY delivering results for your company?

Enjoy this complimentary webinar courtesy of the Wharton Club of Charlotte! 

Webinar Title: How can competitive intelligence improve digital marketing?

Webinar Date: Thursday, February 18

Webinar Time: 12 pm – 1 pm EST

Led By: Steven Groves

Hosted By: Andy Cohen – President Wharton Charlotte Alumni Club

About this session:

Digital Marketing is fast becoming the best tactic to reach your audience - whether consumers or other businesses. The web is how they find us when they need what we have.  Is your online presence delivering the best results possible?  Do our competitors siphon away prospects that should be ours?  Where is your customer when they’re online?  Facebook or Twitter?  LinkedIn?

Using competitive research we can understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your online presence to the company and its profitability!   We can focus and allocate limited resources on what is important, not on the latest fad or social media craze.

This webinar will cover how to gather and use competitive research and understand the SWOT of the online presence:

  • Why competitive intelligence is important to every size of business
  • Tools and tactics to create a model of the online competitive environment 
  • Analyzing and acting on a competitive intelligence model


A link will be sent on Wednesday to those who have registered instructing them how to log on for the webinar.

Some background on the speaker:

Steven Groves, Partner of ProRelevant Marketing Solutions, is expert in developing, designing and consulting on competitive assessments for digital marketing.  He is a mentor and member of the National Strategic Resources Team for the National Center for Economic Gardening. Steve consults with hundreds of companies annually on business and digital marketing strategy. He is co-author of ROI of Social Media: How to Improve the Return on Your Social Marketing Investment and Technical Editor of Secrets of Social Media Metrics, both published globally by John Wiley & Sons.

February 18, 2016 at 12:00pm - 1pm